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Nov 15

YOGA Talks : BIG introduction in breathing practices (pranayama)

15 novembre 2020à11 h 00 min - 13 h 00 min

We do it every day and even every minute BUT we so rarely think about HOW WE BREATHE?

BREATHING is one of the most important parts of our life, but actually people are so occupied that they completely stopped paying attention to it.

I bring to your attention a lecture about breathing in which we will talk:
– about the role of breathing in human life,
– about the physiology of the breathing process,
– about how to breathe CORRECTLY,
– HOW correct breathing improves the quality of life,
– about the techniques of preparation for the breathing yoga exercises,
– about breathing yoga techniques and we will practice them.

Did you ever participate in “breathing” workshop? As we will practise exercises try to NOT eat a lot before and prepare smth for notes. I will share presentation with useful materials after with all participants.

Language – ENGLISH.

Where – Online in Zoom.
What you need – yoga mat or nice sitting place for 2 hours, smth for notes and cup or good tea or coffee 🙂

You can contact me for know more about workshop by Instagram or WhatsUp +33771427834.

Will be happy to share this moment and knowledges with you 🙂

  • 20€ = participation fees.
  • 10€ = participation if you are member of leactivnice
  • 5€ = Member – Adhésion à l’association Leactivnice (par an).

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Date :
15 novembre 2020
Heure :
11 h 00 min - 13 h 00 min
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